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MTS series- Electric Actuator 20Nm 24VAC/DC Failsafe High Speed

MTS series- Electric Actuator 20Nm 24VAC/DC Failsafe High Speed

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Maxtorque S series- 24VAC/DC, 20Nm, ABS, F/S, HiSp, IP67, F03/04/05 x 14mm, HTR

Product Code: MTS-2014X-6-14

Maxtorque (MT-Series) electric actuators are manufactured by an ISO 9001-2015 certified company in Asia. The actuators are designed and tested in-house to ensure they meet the highest quality standards before being shipped to customers. They come in a compact housing and offer a torque range from 10Nm to 400Nm. The housing is made of PC+PET plastic, and there is an option for aluminium covers, although currently available up to the 110Nm Series.

MT series actuators come with various functionalities, such as On-Off, Failsafe, Modulating, Hi-Speed, Modbus, Multi-Turn, Timer functionality, and more. These actuators are available with two standard voltage ranges: 24VAC/DC, and 95-265VAC, providing flexibility in their applications. Note: other voltage ranges available upon request.

Standard features of Maxtorque actuators include manual override via an Allen key, end-of-travel confirmation, electronic torque limiter, ISO 5211 valve mounting, an internal anti-condensation heater system and fully weatherproof to IP67. Additionally, they offer unique features like Failsafe via a super capacitor, high-speed opening and closing, a digital encoder, and an OLED screen with local control.

These actuators are highly accurate and programmable, making them suitable for various applications. They are compatible with ball valves, butterfly valves, dampers for HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems, as well as Multi-Turn actuators for Gate valves, Knife Gate valves, or Diaphragm valve applications.

Furthermore, the manufacturer is in the process of developing a new range of Maxtorque actuators with increased torque output, ranging from 1000Nm to 2000Nm, expanding their product offerings for more demanding applications. Overall, Maxtorque actuators stand out for their quality, versatility, and technical features, making them a reliable choice for customers seeking robust actuation solutions for various industrial applications.

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