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MT-ADASQ 22 X 17

MT-ADASQ 22 X 17

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Maxtorque- Cast Steel Square Adaptor - 22mm (outside) x 17mm (inside) x 24mm (length) 

Product Code: 10327

Square/star adapters are used to adapt the size of a female drive or shaft to fit a smaller male drive or shaft. They are commonly used in industrial applications for the purpose of valve installations. Adapters are available in various sizes to accommodate different valve types, such as ball valves, butterfly valves, or gate valves. To use an adapter bushing, you insert the square sleeve into the actuator's female drive or shaft, effectively reducing its size. This allows it to properly fit onto the male drive or shaft of the valve. The square/star drive adaptor ensures a secure connection between actuator and valve to maintain the full rotational position of the valve.

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