Collection: Actuated Plastic Ball Valves

Actuated ball valves offer versatility in various applications due to their capability for On/Off control, modulating control, and failsafe functions. They're commonly equipped with either electric or pneumatic actuators for automation purposes. Electric actuators utilize electrical energy to rotate the valve, while pneumatic actuators use compressed air to generate torque for valve operation.

Electric actuated ball valves often include manual overrides, valve position indicators, anti-condensation heaters, position confirmation switches, over-torque protection, and weatherproof enclosures. Pneumatic actuators can be spring return (open or closed) or double-acting, offering flexibility in operation.

Actuated ball valves are found across various industries due to their compatibility with different fluids such as water, gas, air, oil, and more. They are commonly used in industrial processes, wastewater treatment, mining operations, energy refineries, chemical handling, swimming pool systems, and irrigation setups.

Their adaptability to different media and environments makes actuated ball valves a preferred choice for numerous industrial and commercial settings, where precise control and reliability are crucial.