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Stubbe DFM 165-350 Series Flowmeters (Rotameters)

Stubbe DFM 165-350 Series Flowmeters (Rotameters)

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The Stubbe DFM 165-350 Series Flowmeters (Rotameters) offer flexibility with a wide measuring range of 3 to 50,000 liters per hour (l/h), catering to diverse flow rates and applications. Compatible with various types of fluids and providing a direct visual measurement, these rotameters are perfect for industries ranging from chemical manufacturing to water treatment.

The accuracy class of 4 signifies the precision of the measurements obtained from the rotameter. While not the highest level of accuracy available, it still ensures reliable and consistent readings within acceptable tolerances for many industrial applications.

The inclusion of an integrated mounting rail facilitates the installation of flow data sensors, enhancing the functionality of the rotameter system. This feature streamlines the integration of additional monitoring or control components, contributing to overall system efficiency and convenience.

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Stubbe Product Datasheet

DFM 165-350 Datasheet

DFM 165-350 Operating Manual

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DFM 165-350 Flow Data Sensor

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