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Praher Plastics

Praher Aquastar Series Multi-port Valves

Praher Aquastar Series Multi-port Valves

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The Praher Aquastar Series Actuators control Prahers' 6-way multiport backwash valves to become a fully automated backwash system. The Praher 6-way backwash valves are available in 1 1⁄2”, 2” and 3” ports.

With its intelligent electronic control system and easy-to-read display, it provides perfect clarity and numerous fully automatic functions on a single unit.

Used in small, medium-sized, and large swimming pools as well as commercial and industrial water purification such as industrial kitchens, fish farms, washing plants etc. the Aquastar can also be programmed to suit individual requirements by connecting to domestic and industrial control systems.

The new Aquastar Actuators have all the standard safety features and functionality one would need, with user friendly operation, optional language settings and secure alarm system.

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