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RAT Series Pneumatic Actuators

RAT Series Pneumatic Actuators

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RAT series pneumatic actuators offer a combination of high-quality engineering, versatility, and compliance with industry standards, making them a reliable choice for controlling valve systems in industrial applications. Their compact size and wide torque range further enhance their suitability for diverse automation and control needs.

Available in double acting and spring return, the standard stroke range is 0° to 90°, with +/-5° adjustment at 0° (Closed) and 90° (Open) stops. The top Namur interface design facilitates easy and standardized assembly installation of accessories like limit switch boxes, position sensors, and positioners. The valve mounting dimensions on the RAT series actuator comply with the international standard of ISO5211:2001, making it compatible with various valve stem configurations.

The actuator offers multiple female driving modes, including double square (Standard) The actuator's body is made of extruded aluminium, and the end-cap is made of die-casting aluminium. The body is hard anodized coated, while the end-cap is anodized + polyester coated as standard. 


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Downloadable Datasheet

RAT Series Pneumatic Actuators - Datasheet