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J& J 4C Series Electric Actuators

J& J 4C Series Electric Actuators

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The J4C series of quarter-turn actuators feature a wide voltage range and the option for a brushless motor. The expanded voltage range provides greater flexibility for installation in various setups, accommodating both standard and lower voltage requirements.

The introduction of brushless motor technology is a significant advancement, as it typically offers improved efficiency and longevity compared to brushed motors. This enhancement not only increases durability but also contributes to smoother operation and reduced maintenance. 

The J4C offers options like the DPS (Digital Positioner System) and BSR (Battery Return System) kits to further enhance the versatility and functionality of the new series. The DPS can provide precise control and monitoring capabilities, while the BSR ensures reliable valve positioning even in the event of power loss, adding an extra layer of safety and reliability.

Overall, these J&J actuators make a great choice for industrial applications, providing customers with proven performance, durability, and functionality to meet their evolving needs.

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