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Praher S4 Series 3-Way Ball Valves

Praher S4 Series 3-Way Ball Valves

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The Praher S4 series of 3-way ball valves made from UPVC, PP and PVDF materials, which are known for their outstanding chemical resistance. With EPDM or FPM sealing options, and PTFE ball seats. The S4 series is available in 7 different sizes, ranging from DN10 to DN50, allowing for a wide range of flow rates to suit various industrial applications. The valves come with standard connector types, Solvent Socket DIN/ASTM, BSP/NPT threaded sockets and flanged, providing flexibility in installation and compatibility with different piping systems. The valves are rated for an operating pressure of 16 bar (approximately 232 psi).

The design of the valves allows for easy installation and maintenance. The ball design is precisely machined to ensure a tight and reliable sealing mechanism (double sealed stem). The PTFE seats are cushioned by O-rings dynamically improving the valves performance. The full section area of flow allows the entire nominal bore to be available for fluid flow, minimizing pressure drop and maximizing flow capacity.

The S4 series of 3-way ball valves with their versatile features are well-suited for many applications. The manual handle is lockable to ensure against accidental operation. Praher S4 series 3-way can be pneumatically or electrically automated with the customer’s choice of actuator, or from the Fluidflo Maxtorque range of actuators suitable within the water treatment, chemical, oil & gas and other process industries.

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Praher S4 Series 3-Way ball valve - Datasheet