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Praher S4 Series Cone Check Valves

Praher S4 Series Cone Check Valves

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The Praher S4 Series series Cone check valves are available from DN10- 3/8'' to DN80-3''& 4''. The Modular design allows different types of end connections and seals. The springs are made from WST 1.4401 Stainless steel and offered with PTFE coating for higher durability. The spring force requires 0.06 bar of pressure to crack open the valve.

These valves are commonly used in industrial and process applications where flow travels in only the one direction. The corrosion-resistant material ensures that the valve can withstand exposure to harsh chemicals or atmospheric conditions. Maintenance-free operation means that the valve can be installed and left in place for years without needing regular service. Radial installation or removal allows for easy access to the valve without having to remove large sections of piping or equipment. Quick and exact closing and opening means that the valve can respond rapidly to changes in pressure.

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