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Stubbe DHV 718 Series Pressure Relief Valves

Stubbe DHV 718 Series Pressure Relief Valves

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The Stubbe DHV 718 Series Pressure Relief Valves is a diaphragm-controlled pressure relief valve which offers a simple yet effective design, ensuring reliable functionality. Its suitability for oscillating pumps to manage fluctuating pressure environments. The constant, frictionless, and low-vibration control behavior contributes to smooth operation, minimizing wear and tear on system components. Additionally, the high reproducibility of the set pressure ensures consistency in performance, crucial for maintaining operational stability. The valve's ability to facilitate simple pressure adjustments, even during operation, enhances its usability and adaptability in various industrial systems. 

Sealing Options: EPDM, FPM
Diaphragm: PTFE (EPDM diaphragm with PTFE coating on the side coming into contact with the medium) 

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DMV718 Pressure Relief Valve

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